After Ed convinced them to try

After Ed convinced them to try

After Ed convinced them to try to look different, their next ad was designed to be round. It stood out nicely on the page with all the rectangles. Someone once said that good advertising should zig when the competition zags. « You have to be careful with spray because you can inhale them and it’s also hard to get a complete coverage, » she said. « You don’t get the protection if you don’t. Use enough, if you don’t reapply often enough. » For these reasons, Consumer Reports advises that the sprays be used only as « last resort. ».

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Singer Sheryl Crow is 55. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is 53. Eventually, the Piazzas struck a deal with another Fenway vendor to sell the glasses, a deal that Piazza said has the approval of Major League Baseball. An initial batch of 180 were made, and sold well. Now, Piazza is having a larger lot made up.

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